Oct. 04, 2018

Valuable medical equipment is in safe hands with SMARTair

  • Valuable medical equipment is in safe hands with SMARTair. Photo: ASSA ABLOY/ IMIBICValuable medical equipment is in safe hands with SMARTair. Photo: ASSA ABLOY/ IMIBIC

Genuine real-time access management, fast deployment and energy efficiency during operation: these were the key demands of the Maimónides Biomedical Research Institute of Cordoba (IMIBIC), part of the city’s university campus.

To handle daily traffic of around 270 people, IMIBIC chose SMARTair Wireless Online electronic access control to secure the centre’s interior and exterior doors. The flexibility of a SMARTair system makes it easy for facility managers to program access rights tailored to each individual user, ensuring only the right people get access to the right areas, and only at the right times. The same system also comfortably manages much greater numbers of temporary visitors, during the Institute’s frequent external events.

“Using SMARTair, the facilities and maintenance coordinator can supervise the state of building security in real time, and control who accesses the building and when,” says Jose Luis Torres Garcia Key Account Manager SMARTair Sur-Levante.

A single wireless system protects the main entrance; radioactivity, cytometry and genomics labs; operating rooms; and other sensitive areas, where trustworthy access management is critical. Authorised staff can also access another IMIBIC facility, inside the Reina Sofia University Hospital, with their credential.

Efficient and user-friendly
Because there’s no wiring, installation was fast and unobtrusive. Battery-powered devices are much more energy efficient than mains-powered access control. Maintenance is minimal; just a new standard battery every 40,000 cycles. Plus, there was no need for IMIBIC staff to swap their existing access card, because SMARTair is compatible with all major RFID technologies.


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