Dec. 18, 2019

Video Surveillance: Fewer Cameras for More Security

Dallmeier Publishes Multi-Media Information About its Panomera W Camera Series

  • Dallmeier's Panorama W series: The 360° sensor system has been designed with a focus on securing large exterior and interior areas from a single locationDallmeier's Panorama W series: The 360° sensor system has been designed with a focus on securing large exterior and interior areas from a single location

Dallmeier has prepared a comprehensive information ­package for its recently unveiled Panomera W-series. The concept is explained with the help of a comprehensive ­solution and benefits compendium and an explanatory video.
Dallmeier electronic has released an extensive information package to inform its customers and the interested public in still greater detail about the added value of the 180 and 360-degree versions of the Panomera W series. This includes a product video, which demonstrates how even expansive areas can be safeguarded through the function of a 360° view with distortion correction while minimizing the total cost of ownership. The product brochure explains the advantages of the design, functionality, material quality, operating concept and the integrated time-saving ‘Mountera’ mounting system in full detail. The manufacturer also provides references to already published press releases and the product data sheets.
The patented Panomera Multifocal Sensor System is a camera technology, specifically developed for the extensive video surveillance of large scale areas. Enormous expanses and areas are captured in a new quality of resolution in real time, which results in significantly lower infrastructure requirements. Where previously several megapixel cameras would have been necessary, a single Panomera system is now sufficient.

The 360° sensor system has been designed with a focus on securing large exterior and interior areas from a single location. The innovative combination of high-resolution sensors offers an outstanding dynamic range of 130 dB UWDR effectively and allows the recording of a complete half-space (half-sphere) in real time. This offers a resolution of more than 125 px/m up to a distance of 17 m, making it possible to recognize people on an area of 929 m². The observation with 62 px/m is even supported on an area of 3,778 m², which corresponds to more than half a football field.
The innovative lens sensor concept of the system is based on precisely measured and pre-focused lenses that are optimally matched to the extremely high-resolution image sensors.

The individual lens sensor units are automatically calibrated over the network using the system’s auto-calibration software.

AI-supported Analytics
The optional Video Content Analysis (VCA) detects movements and objects in the uncompressed image and analyzes them in real-time (depending on the analysis resolution) with highly-developed analysis functions such as Intrusion Detection or Line Crossing. The detected events can be used to trigger the recording of a Smavia recording system. Together with the detected objects and the corresponding metadata, they are stored in a database. This allows targeted search and evaluation of the recordings by the Smavia Viewing Client with the Smartfinder function.
The latest variants of the multifocal sensor system are equipped with encoder technology that enables Video Content Analysis supported by Artificial Intelligence functions based on neural networks in the camera. This provides a significantly more powerful object classification. After a short training phase, the system then offers even more targeted evaluation of the recordings and more effective use of automatic functions such as lossless and multiple auto tracking.

Permanent Capturing
The multifocal sensor system captures and stores all areas of the object space in maximum detail resolution. It does not matter whether the operators in live mode concentrate on a certain area (multiple detail zoom) or whether interesting areas are displayed in detail on the basis of video content analysis (multiple auto tracking). The Panomera recordings always contain the entire action, which enables later analysis of each incident.

Dewarped Display
The sophisticated image processing algorithms of the Panomera 360° multifocal sensor system deliver a geometrically correct and almost undistorted display of the monitoring area (linearly scaled in both horizontal and vertical directions). This provides the operator with completely integrated object tracking on the monitor as well as an overview for the evaluation of the finest details, even at long distances.

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