Jan. 24, 2013

HD Bullet camera offering the most effective illumination

Avigilon's 1 MP, 2MP, 3MP and 5MP HD Bullet cameras offer the most effective illumination with industry-leading implementation of adaptive infrared (IR) technology. Delivering two times further vision, the HD Bullet camera captures incredible detail in complete darkness without a visible light source.

The most effective use of IR power, the HD Bullet camera's fully motorized lens adapts to changing conditions within a scene so images are never saturated and always sharp. The 1 MP, 2 MP and 3 MP also come with a powerful in-sensor Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) capability. Designed for all outdoor environments, the HD Bullet camera is easy to install and provides discreet surveillance. 



101-1001 West Broadway
V6H 4E4 Vancouver

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