Jan. 26, 2011

Intersec 2011: Sebastiano Vento From Sicurit Touches On Perimeter Protection

The dual technology barrier for outdoor perimeter protection combines infrared and microwave technology. Sebastiano Vento explains the facts of the system - live at Intersec in Dubai (please scroll down).

Here the full description of the system: the "Absulute Plus" Perimeter Detection System seems definitively to be the response to the growing demand for reliable outdoor perimeter protections, where reliability is intended as maximum capability of detection while ensuring the lowest nuisance/false alarm rates in every environment conditions. It is a state-of-the-art combination of multiple security technologies, IR Beam and Microwave sensor, that thanks to its sophisticated analysis circuit is able to discriminate false alarms with an impressive accuracy compare to traditional systems.

The system is a combination of the two most common and reliable technological systems used for outdoor applications: active IR Beam and Microwave technology. The alarm is the result of a sophisticated combination of these two technologies. Surveillance is carried out by a temporary window memory circuit. The pilot circuits of both detection systems are equipped with a timer whose range is adjustable from 20 seconds to 2 minutes. The first device (usually the Microwave, the activator) that receives a stimulus activates its own timer. Meanwhile, the second system is activated to confirm the final alarm. With this method of operation, nuisance alarms caused by environmental factors are completely eliminated.

No more nuisance/false alarms as the philosophy
IR Beam technology and Microwave technology can be affected by different environmental factors: the Absolute Plus system, as a result of its dual technology principle, is able to distinguish nuisance alarms caused by different environmental factors.

Patented Infrared Beams
The new Sicurit patented synchronised, codified and bi-directional Active Infrared Beams IMN, main innovation in the new Absolute Plus barrier, represent a clearly commitment in the advanced research and development of forefront technologies for perimeter security. Peculiarity of the new IMN IR Beams is the bi-directional code transmission via optics with random secure-codes.

Each Optics Transmitter sends a continuously modulated Beam to the opposite Receiver which is tuned to recognize only its own signal: Once confirmed, the adjacent optics (a Transmitter) will then send back to its receiver a new secure-code. The bi-directional property of the system enable IMN Beams to be totally immune to direct sunlight, often cause of nuisance alarms in traditional Infrared Beam Barriers. IMN IR Beams are also equipped with dedicated Relay contacts in case of disqualification, only to inform the security personnel that the system is working as a traditional system using only the Microwave Detector for the disqualification period. The amount of IMN Beams inside the column is determined by the height of the system and the application (high/medium security): Absolute Plus is provided with 2 IR Beams default, but up to 8 Beams may be added to each system.

Expandability Customise System
Once an accurate risk analysis of the area to be protected has been carried out, unlike other systems available on the market, Absolute Plus allows the customer to select the correct configuration in order to conform the system to the installation requirements: car or container theft protection requires different features compared to those aimed at detecting highly trained intruders trying to access extremely sensitive areas.
Absolute Plus can be upgraded with additional:

* Extra infrared beams (up to 6 for maximum security)
* Extra Microwave (needed only for 3.00 and 4.00 metre versions)
* Anti-climbing device
* Anti-crawling device (needed if barrier overlaps are not feasible)

Absolute Video
Absolute Plus columns can be equipped with built-in CCTV cameras: the CCTV cameras are invisible and protected by a Plexiglas cover, and are, therefore, completely safe from atmospheric agents. By connecting a time-lap video recorder or a video transmission system via telephone lines, a time record of the alarm sequences can be obtained. The Absolute Plus video can also be integrated with the site's main CCTV system.
By mounting a small camera inside Absolute Plus, pre-alarm pictures, when the alarm is triggered by the Microwave (usually the activator), can be stored.

Absolute Plus has been designed to protect outdoor sensitive areas, including:

* Government buildings
* Airports
* Military sites
* Prisons
* Correctional facilities
* Nuclear plants
* Refineries
* Sensitive buildings and land areas
* Communications facilities
* Banking facilities
* Ports
* Museums
* Industrial & Commercial Sites
* Sites requiring maximum security.



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