Sep. 11, 2018

Introduction to the InnoSenT SMR Evaluation Kit

  • Learn all about the InnoSent SMR SeriesLearn all about the InnoSent SMR Series

The InnoSenT SMR-Evaluation Kit is a programmable compact radar system with the focus on creating a friendly and easy-to-use platform to let beginners having first experiences in the radar field. Besides it also provides sensor raw data and a list of important configurable radar parameters to enable advanced users to have their own signal processing for specific applications.


  • SMT mountable motion detector (delivery on tape & reel) 
  • UART interface
  • detection of speed and direction (approaching - receding) of moving objects
  • low power consumption
  • extended temperature range -20°C up to +60°C
  • compact size - easy to integrate

Have fun watching the introduction video.



InnoSenT GmbH
Am Rödertor 30
97499 Donnersdorf

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