Aug. 28, 2012

Perimeter Protection Video: Sicurit - How Absolute Plus Works

See in this video, how the perimeter protection system Absolute Plus works - and what it consists of.

Sicurit at Security Essen show (Sep 25-28, 2012): Hall GA, Stand 129

Company Background Sicurit: More then 30 Years of experience in the field, this is the strength that allows Sicurit to be known as one of the most reliable and technologically advanced company in the security market, providing state of the art outdoor perimeter solutions for different applications.

The versitility of the product line, the know-how and experience of the engineers place Sicurit in a constantly growing niche market that requires the highest standards of quality and world-class manufacturing infrastructure.

The detailed attention to the manufacturing process, from the choice of raw material up to the exhaustive tests carried out by the Sicurit specialists, and the maximum availability of personnel pre and post sale have achieved the trust of major players in the security market, from the USA to Australia, crossing all Europe and parts of Asia.

Sicurit is a trusted supplier to many high sensitive areas, with products deployed for the protection of civilian, industrial and military sites, with installations in areas such as airports, government compounds, financial institutions, electrical and nuclear facilities, military bases and correctional facilities.



Sicurit Alarmitalia Spa
Via Gadames 91
20151 Milano

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