Aug. 05, 2019

Sneak Peek of Genetec Press Summit 2019 in Montréal

GIT SECURITY visited Genetec's headquarters in Montréal together with press representatives from around the world. Here are some visual impressions of the event.

The two-day program included a session of high-quality speakers and a panel discussion about the cannabis industry and the security challenges.

Hot topics were:

  • The role of privacy in a digital democracy - Pierre Racz, President, CEO, and Founder of Genetec
  • The future of AI in security - Sean Lawlor, Data Scientist and Business Intelligence Specialist
  • Privacy matters in security -  Laurent Villeneuve, Product Marketing Manager
  • ALPR and the role of parking in cities - Stephan Kaiser, General Manager, AutoVu

On the second day, the group visited the ‘Casino de Montréal’ and explored on-site how 5.2 million visitors per year are kept safe with Genetec’s security system, including taking a look at the server room and the control room.



Genetec Inc.
2280 Alfred-Nobel Blvd., Suite 400
Saint-Laurent,QC H4S 2A4
Phone: +1 514 332 4000
Telefax: +1 514 3321692

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