iLoq S50 now fully compatible with iPhone

21.02.2020 - With Apple opening its NFC (near field communications) capabilities for third parties in its latest iOS 13 operating system, it’s now even easier to use the iLoq S50 mobile access...


The Evva Brand Film

20.02.2020 -

Why are we here? What do we stand for? What drives us? What makes us special? In Evva Sicherheitstechnologie's brand film, these and more questions about the companys...


Enhanced Fan Safety with Panasonic Security Solution

10.02.2020 -

Danish Superliga Football Club Brøndby IF has enhanced fan safety by using Panasonic security solutions to prevent banned football hooligans from entering the stadium...

Grundig Video Management: C-Werk In Operation At The Airport

18.11.2019 -

C-Werk video management system from Grundig in use at the airport: the short webcast shows the event search with time-lapse. See article in GIT SECURITY EMEA no. 4/2019

Webinar: Addressing Today’s Industrial Network Security Challenges

19.09.2019 -

As more industrial control systems and end devices become connected to enterprise networks, the Internet, and cloud platforms, security continues to be a rising concern....

Outdoor Intrusion Sensors with Pet and Animal Tolerance

08.08.2019 -

Optex series of outdoor PIRs offer 180 detection coverage and 12m/40ft radius to detect any intrusion around a residential or commercial building. They have a Pet and...

Sneak Peek of Genetec Press Summit 2019 in Montréal

05.08.2019 -

GIT SECURITY visited Genetecs headquarters in Montréal together with press representatives from around the world. Here are some visual impressions of the event.
The two...