Fire Protection: Europe needs an Action Plan

European Fire Safety Alliance presenting their Action Plan at Wiley Industry Days 2021

The former Fire Chief, Elie van Strien, has seen many devastating fires and was there for many after and during fires. But now he wants to be a part in the big context of preventing fires. This is why he is the founding member of an alliance in Europe that wants to make a change in fire safety on a big scale.


In Europe, thousands of people die every year in fires. The most of those fires are preventable. The EuropeanFire Safety Alliance wants to take massive action to improve the fire safety in Europe because we care about people. Together with a lot of experts we made the European Fire Safety Action plan where we focus on 10 important action we want to realize in the coming years. In the presentation Elie van Strien will focus on this action plan.

Presenter: Elie van Strien – Chair of the EuroFSA
Moderators: Steffen Ebert and Lisa Holland, Wiley