What the GDPR means for Video Surveillance

Whitepaper on GDPR

  • Large scale public video surveillance is considered to be a ‘high-risk processing operation’Large scale public video surveillance is considered to be a ‘high-risk processing operation’

Committed to maintaining the highest levels of privacy protection, Genetec continues to inform IT and security professionals on both cybersecurity and privacy practices.
Genetec has recently launched the Genetec Trust Center, a central repository of educational materials focused on cybersecurity, privacy, and security-of-security topics to help system integrators and end-users mitigate risks via trusted best practices.
“With our growing presence in Germany, Genetec is happy to bring its many innovations to Security Essen this year. We will show our customers and partners how they can unify their security platforms into a scalable model that offers one solution through a single interface for improved operational efficiency, adhering to the highest standards of GDPR-compliant data privacy,” said Nick D’Hoedt, Regional Manager Benelux and DACH, Genetec. “We’re also proud to welcome 11 of our top technology partners from our growing ecosystem of camera, access control, sensing and software vendors,” added D’hoedt.



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