Sep. 16, 2019

Know-How in Safety Part 1: Safety Meets Security

Functional Safety and Cyber Security - Joint Strategy Required

  • "Know-How in Safety" - with Carsten Gregorius, Senior Specialist Safety at Phoenix Contact"Know-How in Safety" - with Carsten Gregorius, Senior Specialist Safety at Phoenix Contact

In our series "Know-How in Safety" you can refresh your basic knowledge. What is the tension between functional safety and cyber security? How do you manage to develop strategies to protect the transitions between office IT and the production network? This is what you will learn in the first part of our series - explained by experts.

This time with Carsten Gregorius, Senior Specialist Safety at Phoenix Contact.

What awaits you in this whitepaper:
The importance of the safety technology installed in machines and systems steadily increases over the entire life cycle of the application. As networking of automation systems with the IT world is becoming more and more commonplace, scenarios are likely to arise where a different approach is required, especially for safety applications. The network interfaces between office IT systems and production networks represent a significant gateway for hackers. The worlds of “Safety” and “Security” meet when automated solutions for implementing functional safety become the target of hackers. A common strategy must therefore be developed in future.

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