Jan. 30, 2012

Camera test: Bosch NBN 832

In cooperation with Seetec, GIT SECURITY tests current and new video cameras under standardised conditions in the test laboratory of the SeeTec Hardware Competence Center. The Hardware Competence Center was set up because the data and performance specifications of network cameras as stated by manufacturers are often measured under different conditions and are not always reliable in practice. The results provided a sound basis for planning IP video projects and help to avoid unpleasant surprises. For the testing procedure, video sequences are produced under defined lighting scenarios and are then evaluated. Here, movements in the picture as well as night and backlight situations are taken into consideration.

GIT SECURITY and Seetec did test the IP camera Bosch NBN 832. Let us have a look at the results:

Bosch NBN 832
Dinion HD 1080p Day/Night IP cameras are progressive scan CMOS cameras that use the Bosch-designed Dinion digital imaging technology. The Bosch NBN 832 camera uses the latest CMOS-based HD sensor for a sharper, more detailed picture with a 16:9 image format. Features such as multicasting, internet streaming and iSCSI recording are fully supported. The NBN 832 aims to deliver the highest standards of performance and reliability in any security and surveillance scenario, day or night.

The day/night fixed camera with full HD resolution features good image and reaction characteristics even in difficult lighting situations (backlight, poor illumination). It provides simple image analysis algorithms (movement detection) directly in the camera as well as multi-streaming. The camera power supply is via PoE but also 12VDC or 24VAC. The camera can be delivered in an IVA enabled version.



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