Jun. 04, 2012

Camera test: JVC VN-H37U

In cooperation with Seetec, GIT SECURITY tests current and new video cameras under standardised conditions in the test laboratory of the SeeTec Hardware Competence Center. The Hardware Competence Center was set up because the data and performance specifications of network cameras as stated by manufacturers are often measured under different conditions and are not always reliable in practice. The results provided a sound basis for planning IP video projects and help to avoid unpleasant surprises. For the testing procedure, video sequences are produced under defined lighting scenarios and are then evaluated. Here, movements in the picture as well as night and backlight situations are taken into consideration.

GIT SECURITY and Seetec did test the IP camera JVC VN-H37U. Let us have a look at the results:

JVC's VN-H37U is part of JVC's new Super LoLux HD line of network cameras equipped with 1/3-inch CMOS imagers that can deliver up to 30 fps full frame rate, progressive HD images and offer multi-codec support. The new Super LoLux HD cameras promises to deliver superior color reproduction, even in low light, and match the sensitivity of JVC's well established CCD-based cameras. The VN-H37U includes Clear Logic Video Intelligence image processing, which compensates for back lighting and digitally removes ambient fog, haze, rain, or smoke. that can deliver up to 30 fps full frame rate, progressive HD images. Other features include auto back focus, on-board recording to SD card, motion detection, privacy mask, and a variety of built-in video analytics features, including active tampering detection, and audio detect.

Even with weak scenery illumination, the very light-sensitive PoE camera produces good images, with up to full HD resolution. Restricting the frame rate to 15 images/second deactivates the integrated noise reduction. Up to three image streams (H.264 and MJPEG) can be delivered simultaneously.



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