Aug. 29, 2014

Camera test: Panasonic WV SP508

In cooperation with Seetec, GIT SECURITY tests current and new video cameras under standardised conditions in the test laboratory of the SeeTec Hardware Competence Centre. The Hardware Competence Centre was set up because the data and performance specifications of network cameras as stated by manufacturers are often measured under different conditions and are not always reliable in practice. The results provided a sound basis for planning IP video projects and help to avoid unpleasant surprises. For the testing procedure, video ­sequences are produced under defined lighting scenarios and are then evaluated. Here, movements in the picture as well as night and backlight situations are taken into consideration.

The WV-SP508 network camera from Panasonic is equipped for day/night operation with automatic back focus and a 3.1 megapixel sensor. The newly-developed MOS sensor delivers high-quality Full HD images in separate H.264 and JPEG streams. The Mega Super Dynamic technology enables the camera to attain a 128-times dynamic range. With its large range of functions, the SP508 is the most intelligent camera from Panasonic to date. The camera adjusts
the focus automatically through face recognition so that a person can be recognized within the viewing area, and can raise an alarm by passing with XML data to a compatible recorder. Installation is simplified by the Auto Back Focus feature and VIQS (Variable Image Quality on Specified Area) is the innovation in the Smart HD product range that permits the definition of specific areas of the image to be adjusted and thereby to reduce the amount of bandwidth required.

The day/night fixed camera delivery good images particularly under good illumination of the scenery. It is powered via PoE, supports multi-streaming and
is ONVIF compatible. In addition it also has camera-based movement recognition and permits the masking of restricted zones directly on the device.


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