Mar. 29, 2019

Healthcare solution wins Milestone Community Kickstarter Contest

  • EET Europarts - winner of Milestone Community Kickstarter Contest 2019EET Europarts - winner of Milestone Community Kickstarter Contest 2019

Milestone Systems named Roger Meier, Managing Director of EET Europarts, the winner of the Milestone Community Kickstarter Contest 2019 during Milestone Community Days (MIPS) in Copenhagen.

Innovators from 16 countries submitted ideas to the contest, and four made it to the final round at MIPS 2019 in Copenhagen. Here, they presented their ideas and prototypes. A judging committee and the partner community present voted for their favorite idea via an app, and the winner was announced during the MIPS gala dinner.

The winning project is a digital nurse that uses sensors on top of video to ensure the safety of the elderly and disabled, as well as assist healthcare professionals in nursing homes around the world.

“This year’s’ winner not only demonstrated innovation and seamless integration with Milestone XProtect, but also provided a solution that utilizes sensors on top of video to improve the life and safety of the elderly and disabled while assisting nurses and care givers. Innovation, creativity and technical feasibility are at the heart of the Milestone Community Kickstarter Contest and we are happy to provide the platform for new technology partners to continue to push the boundaries of video management,” says Chief Technology Officer Bjørn Skou Eilertsen, Milestone Systems.

“We are truly honored and proud to win the Milestone Community Kickstarter Contest among all these great finalists, and we are excited to further develop our solution and take it to market. As the elderly population increases rapidly, there is a demand now to deliver new, innovative healthcare solutions. We believe that we, as a community, with all the knowhow available, can make a difference,” says Managing Director of EET Europarts Roger Meier.

Milestone Systems awarded Roger Meier and his team a $10,000 cash prize and $55,000 in development and marketing resources. Roger Meier will be working closely with Milestone Systems to finalize the winning project in the coming year. This includes completing of the integration with the Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit (MIP SDK), getting the integration certified by Milestone Systems and bringing the solution to market.

Other finalists

Three other finalists presented their projects during Milestone Community Days in Copenhagen:

  • CEO at Cibersoftware Innovation Adolfo Wilches, Columbia: Smart Internet of Things Helmet - a helmet, cap or similar wearable product that contains a tiny electronic IoT health monitoring system.
  • Chief Software Architect, Eric Bourque from ixa systems SA, Switzerland: allowing Milestone XProtect users to create dynamic privacy masks on any PTZ camera.
  • Head of Algorithms Department at Softrust by UTI, Serban Carata, Romania: building a packaged, self-dispatching drone system for remote monitored sites managed from within Milestone XProtect, and delivering images and metadata back in.


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