Customers Gain From Reduced Liabilities as Idis and Vmi Extend Remote Monitoring Capability with Deep Leaning Analytics

16.04.2021 -

Buyers of video technology are focusing increasingly on business protocol enforcement applications, in addition to traditional security, says Idis America and virtual...


Onvif Reaches 20,000 Conformant Products

14.04.2021 -

Onvif announces that there are now more than 20,000 Onvif profile conformant security products.


Zaun’s Infrastructure Investment Continues with a Brand new Coil Grabber

13.04.2021 -

Zaun is dedicated to improving working practices wherever and however possible. With that in mind they are in a constant state of infrastructure investment, to better...


Foxstream Joins Hikvision’s Heop Program with Embedded FoxIntruder Application for Thermal Cameras

12.04.2021 -

Hikvision announced Foxstream has joined the Hikvision Embedded Open Platform (Heop) program for the FoxIntruder edge-based intrusion detection solution – which is...



Additional Safety For Lone Workers

02.04.2021 -

The Budenheim company takes its name from the Rhine-based region of its founding, but today operates as a truly international chemical specialist. The company...


Personal Protective Equipment: Safety Up, Cost Down

31.03.2021 -

An integrated, cross-location concept for Personal Protective Equipment identifies potential savings and strengthens compliance with regulations

Fire Protection

Hotel Fire Detection for Two Luxury Hotels

30.03.2021 -

Fire detection solutions from Global Fire Equipment (GFE), a leading European-based fire detection manufacturer, have been installed at two luxury holiday resorts in...

Fire Protection

European Market Trend: Fire Safety 2021

26.03.2021 -

According to Fire Safe Europe, there are 5,000 fire incidents every day across the whole of Europe. Fires are a health factor, a cost factor and have great impact on...


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A case history with Micro-Ray linear barrier from CIAS

16.12.2020 -

CIAS and the company G&G Electric S.r.l. have secured the production site of a major Italian television station: a complex and highly articulated perimeter, over 2km long...


Security Engineering

ISBN: 978-1-119-64278-7 December 2020 1008 Pages

Now that there’s software in everything, how can you make anything secure? Understand how to engineer dependable systems with this newly updated classic


No Face Mask Detection

25.09.2020 - While healthcare professionals and scientists are learning more every day, we know that the proper use of face masks has proven to be an effective measure in keeping infection...


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