Fire Protection

Intelligent fire detection solutions by Bosch

08.06.2023 -

Protect life and asset with scalable, future-proof Bosch detectors which can be installed and maintained with ease.


Security Solutions for Airports 2023

06.06.2023 -

Climate activists belonging to the “Last Generation” group succeeded in gaining access to the apron of both the new Berlin airport and also the airport in Munich, and...


Sensor and Information Management Systems for the Protection of Infrastructure and Assets

01.06.2023 -

The complete protection of critical infrastructure, in particular in the energy and supply sector, has been a mainstay of Senstar for many years, a provider of integrated...


Threats to and the Protection of Critical Infrastructure

31.05.2023 -

The predicted lack of sufficient energy caused by the interruption of gas supplied from Russia, the drastic price increase of certain raw materials and, above all, the...


Attack Recognition for Critical Infrastructure

19.05.2023 -

Security Operation Center (SOC) as a service for the protection of KRITIS (CRITical InfraStructures) against cybercrime.


Creation of Safety-Related Application Software: Practical Examples for Familiarization with Handling

15.05.2023 -

Safety-related application software plays a crucial role when it comes to the reliability of the installed safety technology. The Softema software tool provides valuable...


Access Control For a New Paris Media Headquarters Uses a Suite of Connected Assa Abloy Devices

11.05.2023 -

​​​​​​​For new headquarters in a Paris suburb, media giant Canal+ specified a connected smart building to enable efficient, flexible working. Choosing the right...


Every Meter Perimeter: Video Surveillance Solution at Production Plant

11.05.2023 -

Tailored video security technology from Dallmeier provides perimeter security and workplace safety.