Mar. 07, 2019

Successful Installer Partnerships Result in Record Growth for Idis

Idis Europe has reported record sales growth for 2018, with a 78% rise attributed to successful projects with long term partners and continued technology investments.

“Our core strategy as a company is to pursue sustainable growth alongside our partners, as a one-stop supplier for video solutions. This means working together to ensure customer satisfaction, delivering better value and better technology,” says James Min, Managing Director, Idis Europe.

For installers, Idis is now focusing on reducing TCS (Total Cost to Serve), giving them complete, easy-to-source video solutions that offer more profitable implementations and predictable revenue streams.  Going forward this is a priority, says James Min, and it will be achieved by continuing to invest in video technology that eliminates complexity and earns the loyalty of end-users.

“The most encouraging thing is that whenever customers switch to Idis technology they find that it gives them higher performance and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). They also know that we are also working on new forward and backwards compatible technology to meet their future requirements.”

Once on-board, customers tend to upgrade but not switch away from Idis, which is good news for installers, he said.  “We saw that with our new 12MP Super Fisheye camera, launched last year as a step up from of our original 5MP model. This has proved attractive for lots of our established customers as well as new users. It is already our best-selling unit.”

For the integrator, Idis’s model of simple-to-install technology from a ‘one solution one company’ supplier means more realistic and attractive maintenance and service agreements, the company says.

True plug-and-play performance was developed to reduce complexity for engineers installing and maintaining systems and in turn reduce cost and disruption for end users.  The industry-leading Idis Ultimate Warranty also offers greater long-term protection for both parties.

“We also recognise that our integration partners make a commitment to Idis when they invest their time on engineer training and product knowledge, so it’s important that we repay that by supporting them to open up new opportunities,” adds Min.


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