Feb. 07, 2018

Two Questions for Vincent Dupart, Managing Director of STid

  • Vincent Dupart, Managing Director of STidVincent Dupart, Managing Director of STid

GIT SECURITY: How are your new strategic partnerships opening up the doors to the North American market?
Vincent Dupart: STid is in a great position to penetrate the North American market with strategic partners like Genetec. Clients are looking for secure, open, user-friendly solutions and exactly this three characteristics are the key success factors which make STid solutions stand-out. It is also important to remember that our development isn’t limited to the North American market. We’re also making a name for ourselves on the French, UK and Australian markets.

CCI France has choosen STid as its Security consultant. What was the reason for their commitment?
Vincent Dupart: With security becoming a major issue, CCI France, France’s network of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, has decided to make industrial and business security one of its priorities for 2017 and 2018. Each user and each business has increasingly specific and changing needs. Our secure solutions, the use of open technologies and our user-friendly systems convinced the 126 chambers of commerce in France and 115 abroad to choose STid as their security consultant.


Read the whole article about the French Rising star here.


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