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Home Security and Automation in One Combined Unit

14.06.2019 -

Although utilizing similar protocols and methods of connection, the worlds of home security and home automation have tended to develop as two separate systems until now...

Security and Comfort: Lares by Ksenia Security in Combination with Apple Home Kit

12.06.2018 -

The video shows how to combine comfort tools with security - here with the smart home security system Lares by Ksenia Security and Apples Siri.


Hanwha Techwin Wisenet Wins iF Design Awards

02.03.2018 -

Hanwha Techwins BabyView eco monitoring system and its Wisenet Circle AI-based security manager application, have both won their respective categories in the 2018 if...


Managing Data in a Hyper-connected World

22.04.2016 -

The amount of security cameras deployed in various situations all over the world is constantly growing. Applications range from securing critical infrastructure to home...


Swisscom launches IoT-based home security system

27.04.2015 -

In Switzerland Swisscom launched an IoT-based control and security system for use in the home. SmartLife activates an alarm in the event of break-ins or a fire and allows...


Security Integration Demand Hits Home

28.08.2012 -

Increased functionality in the home is quickly altering people's perceptions and adoption of security equipment in single-family dwellings, according to a recent study...


British Gas selects Visonic's wireless detectors as part of its smart home product range

03.02.2012 -

British Gas, the UK's leading energy and Home Services provider and Visonic announced that British Gas has selected Visonic's Wireless Intrusion and Safety detectors as...


Bosch Healthcare Telehealth and Care Solutions to join forces

02.12.2011 -

As of Jan 1, 2012, Telehealth and Care Solutions (Social Alarm/NurseCall systems) from Bosch will both become part of Robert Bosch Healthcare. Bosch is the global market...