Oct. 02, 2010

Large Screen Systems For Control Rooms

Eyevis With "Perfect Visual Solutions"

eyevis is a leading manufacturer of large screen systems for control rooms, monitoring centres, information, communication, simulation and virtual reality. Whether in control rooms in power plants, traffic control centres, video surveillance centres, or in representative installations, everywhere where there is a need for perfect pictures and reliable functionality of the system there is hardly a way around eyevis’ perfect visual solutions.

Thanks to its many years of experience and technological advantages eyevis is the ideal partner for the realisation of complete and customised solutions. eyevis permanently uses latest technology and high-end components for all of its products, in order to fulfil the high requirements of our customers towards their large screen systems. This philosophy guarantees best picture quality and reliable performance of our products. Continuous investments in research and development guarantee a head start of eyevis in the field of large screen visual solutions.

Especially in areas like in control rooms or monitoring centres it is particularly important to have a reliable display solution since there important data information has to be visualised 24 hours per day on seven days a week. Calculable and low lifecycle costs are also an important feature of the systems.

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