Jan. 21, 2010

Axis expands its product portfolio: Thermal Network Cams

CCTV Year 2010 is starting with a sensation: Axis is entering the Thermal Camera Market

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Axis is starting the second decade of the century with a big surprise: they have announced the first true network-capable thermal camera worldwide – and at a particularly attractive price. The Axis Q1910 and the Axis Q1910-E see everything that radiates even a little heat within a radius of 200 m and they don‘t need any light for this at all.

The camera manufacturer announced its very own brand new high-tech development to the public on 18 January.

GIT SECURITY was allowed to see it first - open the PDF, read the white paper. This is an excerpt from the latest issue of the printed GIT SECURITY. On what the cam can do and on the price of these new wonder cams.


Axis Communications AB
Emdalavägen 14
223 69 Lund
Phone: +46 46 272 18 00
Telefax: +46 46 13 61 30

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