Stylish New Entrance Control from Gunnebo

Gunnebo Entrance Control has launched SpeedStile FP Glide as a stylish new form of entrance control, designed to meet the evolving security needs of modern offices, public spaces, and commercial buildings.

The new SpeedStile FP Glide sets a new standard for entrance control systems with its fast-operating bi-directional passage and smooth sliding doors.

The system is engineered to deter fraud and unauthorised access and presents real-time detection and alarm procedures to swiftly identify and respond to misuse attempts. Its advanced sensors distinguish between climb-on and climb-over attempts, effectively minimising false alarms and enhancing security protocols.

The SpeedStile FP Glide is crafted to complement modern office environments, optimising space management with customisable lane configurations.

User-specified Door Speeds

Howard Lang, President at Gunnebo Entrance Control, said: “As companies advance into the new era of work and embrace the ideals of hybrid working, entrance control to enhance security and navigate people flow constantly has to be achieved with no compromise on style or design 365 days a year, 24/7.

“We have designed SpeedStile FP Glide for the modern office environment –  right down to the different heights of glass available and allowing a change in door opening and closing speeds depending on the authorised user experience.”

SpeedStile FP Glide is available with a variety of finishes, including powder coating in an array of colours, ensuring seamless integration with any architectural style – and with a wide range of reader devices, including card readers, QR codes and barcodes. 

Lang concludes: “We have integrated biometric and mobile technology seamlessly with modern architecture and interior design trends, so owners can have comprehensive security from a positive and inviting atmosphere in their offices.”


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