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Customers receive solutions for safe automation and standard automation from a single source. Pilz offers products for control and monitoring technology, for control engineering and for sensor technology.

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Hard as Steel!

26.04.2022 -

The latest production technologies are the focus for the steel giant ArcelorMittal, the world’s leading steel manufacturer.


Wiley Industry Days: A look inside halls, rooms - and at the functions

09.11.2020 -

Only a few more days until the first virtual Wiley Industry Days open. The halls, stands and rooms are almost ready - the industry event for networking is ready. Are you...

The name’s Pilz: James Pilz!

01.06.2012 -

Take a light-hearted look at what the Pilz training department has to offer: a training program for your machine safety. In addition to machinery safety trainings and...


Machine and System Safety: Ready to Go?

07.01.2010 -

As the European Union has grown closer together there has been increasing harmonisation of laws, regulations and provisions. The Machinery Directive has special...

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Graphics Program Editor PASmulti

Pilz GmbH & Co. KG -

The programming environment of the graphics Program Editor PASmulti is identical to that of editors designed in accordance with EN / IEC 61131-3, so simple handling is...


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