Basler Vision Technologies: Ultra Compact Megapixel IP Cameras

06.06.2012 - Basler Vision Technologies: Ultra Compact Megapixel IP Cameras. Basler Vision Technologies, a Germanbased company, has a background in the machine vision market. They are one of th...

Basler Vision Technologies: Ultra Compact Megapixel IP Cameras. Basler Vision Technologies, a Germanbased company, has a background in the machine vision market. They are one of the largest suppliers of digital cameras to industries such as semiconductors, electronics, print and paper, food and beverage, postal sorting, factory automation, and traffic control. In all of these markets, Basler is known for the highest image quality, ease of use, and reliability.

Before they launched their new IP camera series, Basler closely studied the surveillance market for several years. After being highly successful in cognitional markets, entering the IP camera market was an obvious strategic step. The company could easily transfer their core competence in digital camera technology to their new IP camera range. But during the market investigation and throughout the development process, it became obvious that the security market and its requirements are different in many ways.

To overcome this challenge and to make sure that the product fully meets the specific needs of this market, Basler stayed in close contact with wellknown security companies right from the start. As a result, they launched a powerful, ultra compact megapixel IP camera series with an excellent price/performance ratio.

A Basler IP camera is the right choice for applications that demand outstanding image quality and high performance, as well as a robust, sleek product design. This typically applies to the following areas: banking, casinos, airports, logistics, and traffic. The current Basler IP cameras are already equipped with basic analytic functions such as motion detection. And with more than 20 years of experience in image processing, Basler is well prepared for upcoming analytic demands.

What Makes a Basler Camera So Special?

Each camera in the Basler IP family is built into an ultra compact (89.8 mm x 44 mm x 29 mm) all metal housing, which makes them the smallest IP cameras in their class. A bundle of latest technologies tailors these cameras for excellent image quality and outstanding reliability. Another unique selling point is their outstanding performance and in particular, the flexibility of their image compression abilities.

Their scaling and Area of Interest functionality support customized resolutions and frame rates. To display a maximum of detail with the highest precision, any image format and aspect ratio can be configured. This means that only relevant image data will be transmitted, leading to a significant reduction in the bandwidth required and maximizing storage utilization.

And by moving the camera’s AOI from frame to frame, customers can set up what is known as e-PTZ. In addition to the AOI feature, Basler cameras make it possible to set up multiple streams using different compression principles. Customers have the choice of MJPEG, MPEG4, and H.264. By setting up multiple streams, customers can create multiple virtual cameras and can save camera costs while reducing bandwidth and storage requirements. This feature is in high demand, especially in banks and traffic applications (see schematic).

Image Quality

In terms of image quality, Basler is drawing on over a decade of experience in designing and producing digital cameras. Basler employs a variety of quality inspection procedures while manufacturing in a clean room environment. The back focal length on each camera is carefully measured and adjusted during production. This guarantees pin-sharp images at megapixel resolution. It also makes installation much easier because no manual back focal length adjustment is required.

All Basler cameras are subjected to a complete calibration procedure and comprehensive final image quality testing.

Sales Partners

A qualified team of support and sales personnel is available in Basler’s German headquarters and in the United States and Singapore affiliates. Basler products can also be purchased from professional, well-trained partner companies.

Our intention is to work closely with a limited number of very qualified partners. This ensures good regional availability in combination with value added support. Our distribution agreement with Videor, one of the leading providers of professional video technology, already covers several important target markets. Their distribution area extends through Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

In addition, Basler has regional partners in France (ADM21, AVC, IZEO), in Germany (Sanyo Vertrieb), in Italy (Advanced Technologies, Bridge 129, Eutekna), in the UK (Multipix Imaging), and in Spain (Unitronics).

Integration into Video Management Systems

Basler began teaming with leading VMS suppliers at a very early stage of development. Today, Basler IP cameras are supported by companies such as Aimetis, Artec Technologies, LuxRiot, Milestone Systems, Netavis, NUUO, Sanyo, Schille, Seetec, Video Insight, and others.

Basler is continuously increasing the number of compatible software products and is driving forward the integration of camera features within each video management software product.


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