Aug. 09, 2019

AI-Powered Automated Threat Detection Platform

Synapse Technology Partners with Bavak to Provide AI-Powered Automated Threat Detection Platform in Europe.

Artificial intelligence (AI) security and defense company Synapse Technology Corporation today announced it has expanded its reach into Europe. Synapse has established partnership with the leading security technology solution provider in the Netherlands, marking a significant expansion in Synapse’s global reach. The new Synapse partner in Europe is Bavak, the leading security systems company in the Netherlands. Under the agreements, the distributor will market, sell and support the company’s Syntech ONE platform for applications including aviation security, border security, and critical infrastructure protection.

“We are thrilled to be working with Bavak. Bavak is leader in its market, which is growing, early adopters of innovations in security technology,” commented Peter Kant, Synapse Technology Corporation. “This partner adds key local and regional experience and understanding helping Synapse deliver disruptive technology with local customer support.”

Bavak Security Group is a world-wide provider of integrated security and screening solutions. “Measured by our high quality standards we can say that the flexibility, AI expertise, and responsiveness of the Synapse team sets it apart from other vendors”, commented Jasper Weijman, CEO of Bavak Security Group. “We partnered with Synapse because the security-related AI is the best available in the market.”

Syntech ONE is an AI-powered software platform that dramatically improves the effectiveness of checkpoint X-ray scanners by automating detection of prohibited items. It retrofits onto both new and existing X-ray systems. Its growing threat detection library, which now includes ammunition in addition to gun components, sharps and knives, is the most extensive in the industry. With false alarm rates in the field of 0.3% on sharps and 0.01% on firearms, and detection rates above 99% for firearms, Syntech ONE’s performance is superior to other commercially-available systems.

Syntech ONE offers customers a truly open integration platform that supports full backward compatibility with any X-ray manufacturer and model, including Smiths Detection, Rapiscan and Astrophysics standard checkpoint x-ray scanners.

Syntech ONE is deployed in live screening environments for aviation and critical infrastructure protection and has processed over 12,000,000 passenger bags. The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recognizes the value of Syntech ONE and has granted Synapse Technology Corporation a SAFETY Act award for its technology platform. In addition, the US Airforce recently awarded Synapse a contract which allows US DOD and other US government customers to easily acquire the advanced software.



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