Feb. 11, 2019

IndigoVision now Integrates with Nedap's Access Control

  • IndigoVision Integration with NedapIndigoVision Integration with Nedap

IndigoVision releases new Access Control Integration with Nedap.

The IndigoVision Nedap Aeos Integration allows events from Nedap Aeos systems to be seamlessly combined with IndigoVision’s security management solution, Control Center, giving complete video and alarm management in a single user interface.

With the new IndigoVision Nedap Aeos Integration, users can trigger live video, move PTZ cameras, start recordings and send notification emails automatically, helping to dramatically decrease operator response time.

Events from Nedap Aeos can be forwarded to Control Center allowing operators to respond to incidents from a single interface. Examples of supported Nedap Aeos events are:

  • Direct door alarm
  • Door manual unlock
  • Door open too long
  • Badge no access events

IndigoVision’s Nedap Aeos Integration is not only designed to keep people safe, but also to give them the flexibility and choice to create a custom security management solution that works for everyone.


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