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Video Surveillance for Rize-Artvin Airport in Turkey

28.09.2022 -

Protecting airport area of 48,000 square feet with a 3,000 meters runway.


Make the most of every day with a unified security solution

05.09.2022 -

Read the latest Genetec e-book to see how unification is transforming security and day-to-day operations in businesses like yours.


"Our Aim is to Provide Next-Day Delivery to the System Integrators"

02.09.2022 -

Gerard Figols, President of i-PRO EMEA, speaks about the way to the forefront of AI-driven camera systems.


AI-Powered Video Security for Italy’s Highway Pedemontana Veneta

01.09.2022 -

Dropped cargo and queues detected by cameras used as traffic sensors.


First Video Security Project in Antarctica

26.08.2022 -

Specially developed cameras to handle the harsh climate and extreme weather conditions from Dahua.


Light + Building Autumn Edition shows solutions for a secure home

15.08.2022 -

"My home is my castle" is an old English saying. At home, but also in commercial buildings or at the workplace, people want to feel safe and protected.


How to Use Surveillance Cameras as Radars

12.08.2022 -

Radar functionalities can be added to existing cameras that are already mounted at prime locations.


Video and Access Security for University of Massachusetts Amherst

15.07.2022 -

1,500 acres of ground to cover, UMass Amherst wanted to optimize its video system