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Video Security for Public Transportation in Frankfurt

23.01.2023 -

When passengers feel safe travelling on public transport it has a positive influence on acceptance and usage, in particular for the access points to the network. A new...


Casino 2.0: Easy Security Operations for Casinos

02.12.2022 -

Dallmeier is launching a comprehensive awareness campaign to show how modern video technology can help casinos.


G4S: Securing Turkey's Remote, Large-Scale Öksüt Gold Mine

11.11.2022 -

G4S had to be resourceful when tackling the challenges of providing security for the Öksüt gold mine in Turkey, a 15 km square and remote site. The tailor-made security...


Idis: Expanded Technical Team Boosts UK Project Delivery

07.11.2022 -

IT and surveillance specialist Mohamed Hashi appointed as Technical Support Engineer.


Challenge for Stadium Crowd Management: Stormy Young Males

04.11.2022 -

Excessive emotion brings fans storming the pitch, igniting detonators and pyrotechnics in stadiums.


Can Burglers Cover this Camera?

*Hanwha Techwin Europe -

Hanwha Techwin Europe launches anti-ligature camera with wide FOV.


Why Video Surveillance is a Key Component to Safe Cities

20.10.2022 -

Security personnel can simultaneously see the entire scene while also being able to focus on areas of interest when 180 and 360-degree surveillance is used with dewarping...


Street Lighting Cleverly Used to Supply Energy for Video Surveillance Systems

19.10.2022 -

Stored energy from the night is used to power cameras and other networked IP objects during the day.