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Emergency Response at Swedish Sea Rescue Society

26.01.2021 -

Swedish Sea Rescue Society in Sweden have enhanced their existing Sepura critical communications solution by upgrading to include Over the Air Programming, saving the...


Improved Alarm Accuracy Makes You Feel Safer

11.09.2019 -

Video surveillance has evolved from a simple requirement for clear images to video content analysis (VCA) for improved management. Now, with deep learning, security...


Being as Secure at Work as You Are at Home

21.12.2018 -

Whats stopping someone from casually walking into your office and getting up to no good (for instance, doing some corporate espionage, stealing something, causing damage...


EUSAS-Euralarm Conference Focussing on Aviation Safety and Security

24.09.2018 -

EUSAS and Euralarm, hosted by Airbus, recently organised their second joint conference, which was this year on the topic of aviation safety and security. It showed once...

Security and Comfort: Lares by Ksenia Security in Combination with Apple Home Kit

12.06.2018 -

The video shows how to combine comfort tools with security - here with the smart home security system Lares by Ksenia Security and Apples Siri.


Control of Key Possession Ensures High Security

10.02.2014 -

At one time, keys were kept in boxes or drawers with little or no control over who had access to any given key. Even as security systems entered the digital and then the...


Videowall Equipment for Lugano Police Control Room

30.01.2014 -

Lugano is situated in the very south of Switzerland idyllically at the shore of the lake that owes his name to the city. As with everything else, people in Switzerland...


900 Branches – One Holistic View of Security Situations

21.01.2013 -

Millennium bcp is Portugal‘s biggest private-owned bank, with a prominent position in the financial market in Portugal. It is the second Bank in terms of market share and...

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