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Bosch implements a networked solution for the Prime Tower in Zurich

23.10.2018 -

Jutting up to a height of 126 meters, the 36-story Prime Tower is Zurichs tallest building and number two in Switzerland. Its 40,000 square meters of floor space can...


Bosch Delivers Music for McDonald’s in China

30.08.2018 -

McDonalds flagships are the newest generation of burger restaurants, and they are Made in China.
They feature menu ordering, delivery to the table, a newly...


Bosch equips Helsinki Metro with PA and emergency voice evacuation system

26.03.2018 -

The Helsinki Metro is the major transit hub in Finlands largest metropolitan region and the worlds northernmost metro system. Connecting downtown Helsinki with the...


Winds of Change

12.03.2018 -

Shopping for analogue video cameras is a real challenge today. Virtually every camera on the market is digital, be it from traditional vendors or from newcomers who have...


IoT expert to head up Bosch Building Technologies

02.03.2018 -

Effective July 1, 2018, the IoT specialist Dr. Tanja Rückert will be joining the Bosch Group. Effective August 1, she will assume the position of president of the Bosch...


Standards for Video-based Fire Detection

18.01.2018 -

The limitations of conventional smoke and flame detection technologies quickly become apparent in demanding and harsh environments. In such cases, video-based...


Bosch equips Golden Tower Panama Hotel with comprehensive security system

17.01.2018 -

With 285 upscale bedrooms and suites offering panoramic views of the city, the 30-story Las Américas Golden Tower Hotel Panama, designed by Uruguayan architect...


Bosch Supplies Rugged Cameras for the Polaris Icebreaker

*Bosch Building Technologies -

Finland is dependent on foreign trade it cannot allow ice to block its shipping lanes and many ports, disrupting exports and imports. The country consequently has the...