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Genetec Alerts Organisations to Risks of Legacy Access Control Systems in Light of Rising Cyberattacks

19.11.2022 -

With the ever-increasing rise in cybercrime, Genetec is cautioning organisations of all sizes to be vigilant about the cybersecurity risk posed by legacy access control...


Forte Partners Teams Up With Helinick and Genetec

22.05.2022 -

Office buildings in Bucharest are becoming more interactive, efficient, and safe. Partly, that’s because Forte Partners, an innovative real estate developer, has been...


Genetec Unveils Streamvault Edge

Genetec -

Genetec has announced the presentation of Streamvault Edge at ISC West taking place March 22-25 in Las Vegas.


Genetec Report: Physical Security Industry Embraces New Technology

04.03.2022 -

Genetec recently shared the results of its state of the industry report. Based on insights from over 2,000 physical security leaders from around the world, the report...


Genetec: Physical Security Trend Predictions for 2022

22.12.2021 -

Genetec Inc. has shared its top predictions for the physical security industry in 2022.


How unification became the cure for failing healthcare security systems

07.09.2020 - Lee Health operates the largest public health system in Florida, United States. The organization welcomes over 1 million patients each year across more than 100 sites - including...


Genetec Announces new Integration with Bosch MAP 5000 Intrusion Panel Series

03.08.2020 - Genetec announced the latest deep integration to result from its enduring partnership with Bosch Security Systems. Users of the widely deployed Bosch MAP 5000 intrusion alarm...


Addressing the Growing Security Needs of Transportation Agencies

14.05.2020 - The number of people using public transportation systems around the world is increasing at an incredible rate. According to a report published by the International Association of...