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Hikvision: AX Hybrid PRO Alarm System

Hikvision Europe -

Hikvision has announced the launch of a new AX Hybrid PRO alarm system with innovative Hikvision ‘Speed-X’ transmission technology built in, which is suitable in varied...


New Hikvision AX PRO Tri-tech Product

Hikvision Europe -

Hikvision has announced a brand-new addition to its AX PRO alarm product line: the Wireless External Tri-tech Detector and (optional) dedicated camera module.


Hikvision Case Study: Security for Expanding Australian Business

14.02.2022 -

Business success drove the Australia-based mechanical repair specialist Florida Automotive to a large new facility. With expensive equipment and client assets on-site 24...


Video security in SMB market is getting more intelligent and connected

20.08.2021 -

Small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) may not be as large as companies in the enterprise market, but they are equally important in contributing revenue to the economy...


Boost security at remote locations

18.03.2021 -

Until now, it has been difficult for remote sites and operations to protect their people and assets – especially where no power supply or fixed networks are available...


Hikvision launches convergent cloud-based security service solution

Hikvision Europe - Hikvision has launched Hik-ProConnect, a convergent, cloud-based security service solution with a suite of signature features and benefits. With Hik-ProConnect, users can converge...

How AI-powered Hard-hat Detection is Keeping Workers Safe

25.09.2020 - Hard hats save lives: but only if people wear them. Discover how intelligent, AI-powered hard-hat cameras are helping to ensure workers in dangerous locations stay safe at all...


Hikvision Announces Integration of HikCentral and Nedap Aeos Access Control Solution

22.09.2020 - Hikvision has announced the integration of its HikCentral video security platform with the Nedap Aeos Access Control Solution to provide single-platform operations for users who...