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Locked Wheels

03.05.2022 -

How this business owner set up their security system inside with perimeter protection outside using 360° video surveillance.


After the Record Year

26.04.2022 -

French specialist STid: An interview about secure contact identification solutions, outstanding financial results, and an ambitious growth plan.


Teledyne Flir Strengthens Perimeter Security Portfolio

*Flir Systems, Inc. -

Elara R-Series Radars and Triton FH-Series Cameras improve intruder tracking, geolocation and alerts for faster threat detection.


Choosing the Most Appropriate Perimeter Security System

12.02.2021 -

When it comes to protecting the perimeters of highly sensitive sites, not all technologies are the same. How do the people responsible for physical protection of people...


Assa Abloy: Three Levels of Physical Server Security

29.05.2020 - Businesses, large and small, create data which needs protecting, whether in an onsite server room or co-located at a data centre. When imagining a corporate data breach, people...


Special Focus Airports: Drones Are An Issue

13.05.2020 - GIT SECURITY takes on the topic of drones to talk about the latest incidents, regulatory situation and about many questions that come up around the topic of drones. Let’s take a...


Special Focus: Perimeter Protection ­Solutions in 2020

12.03.2020 - Perimeter protection has always been an important subject in military applications and later was further developed in the civilian sector to become an important part of security...


Hikvision Introduces Video & Audio Convergence Solution Featuring Real-time Deterrent

Hikvision Europe -

Hikvision has introduced its Video Audio Convergence Solution to the market, featuring an innovative real-time intrusion deterrent feature.With Hikvisions new Video...