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Video Analytics in Security

04.11.2022 -

Steve Green, Business Development Director at Genetec describes the status of the use of video analytics in the retail sector.


Security Installation for Europe's Largest Shopping Center

06.05.2022 -

Monitoring over 1,200 cameras covering 177,000 m2 of retail floor space


Video Security for Retail: Three Questions for Five Experts

05.04.2022 -

In this series, GIT SECURITY EMEA asks three questions to five industry experts about the issue's special focus. This time we asked five experts for their view on video...


Security Solutions for the Retail Industry

16.03.2021 -

Go on, confess! You have definitely been tempted at some time in your life to steal! You might actually have done it too, either as a pre-meditated act of youthful...


Beginner's Guide to Retail Security

15.02.2021 -

What does Retail Security actually mean and how do you keep your shop safe, not just when you’re open but 24/7, even when you can’t be on-premise?


"I’m Lovin’ It...": Security Management at McDonald’s

16.09.2020 - Everybody loves a burger, you might think. And the number of guests that visit McDonald’s every day suggests that is true: after all, there are approximately 1,500 restaurants in...

Intelligent Video Analytics: How it Can Help Retailers Through Tough Economic Times

07.08.2020 - Retailers around the globe are cautiously reopening their doors after facing perhaps the most challenging times in decades, while in some areas of the world the toughest times may...

Hikvision: Innovation Summit Series

15.05.2020 - Hikvision will hold a series of online events to replace the Innovation Summit which was cancelled in March due to corona virus restrictions. The Summit Series will be held under...