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Physical Security Solutions from Rittal at Intersec 2017

Rittal GmbH & Co. KG -

Rittal continues to reinstate its strong presence in Middle East region with their Certified high-quality, system-tested Physical Security Systems for IT Infrastructure...


Physical security in IT and data centre technology

27.10.2016 -

Data centres represent a key technology in an increasingly digitised world. They house the servers and storage systems with their associated network components so that...


Whitepaper on Industry 4.0 Infrastructure

13.04.2015 -

Manufacturing industry can only gain speed and increase flexibility with consistent, IT-assisted value chains.
A newly published whitepaper from Rittal shows why IT...


Now Possible: Standardized Data Centre Construction

11.10.2013 -

With a system called "RiMatrix S" the systems supplier of IT infrastructure solutions Rittal is introducing the world's first concept for standardized data centre...