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Is a Complete Smart City Possible Now?

01.08.2023 -

The last time you read Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ was probably quite a while ago. Thought-provoking, frightening, visionary … whichever you think apply, the...


Sicurezza 2019: Technology, Training and Innovation

14.06.2019 -

The security and fire prevention event Sicurezza, taking place from 13 to 15 November 2019 - will be showcasing the latest technologies and provide an opportunity to...


Pivot3: Expansion into IoT Use Cases

24.05.2019 -

Pivot3 experienced continued growth in Q1 2019 with enterprise and Fortune 1000 customers representing nearly 80-percent of bookings. This growth has been driven by...


ASIS Europe 2019: Cities of the Future

11.02.2019 -

ASIS International is getting ready for the next edition of its flagship event in Europe. ASIS Europe 2019 From Risk to Resilience - taking place on 27-29 March, in...

Real-Time Situational Awareness for Security and Public Safety Operations

13.12.2018 -

Flir Systems announced one of the industry-first wearable sensor platform designed for city-level security and public safety operations. Truwitness combines video, audio...


Interview with Epko van Nisselrooij, BDM for Smart Cities

13.12.2018 -

The forecasts for 2050 say that 70 percent of the worlds population will live in metropolitan areas. This may sound good, but how will the cities react to the growth...


How Stadium Security Can Collaborate with City Stakeholders

19.09.2018 -

Some of the biggest events in the world are held at city stadiums. Whether Olympic games, world-championship football matches, highly-anticipated concerts, and massive...


GIT SECURITY Industry Talk: Round Table Discussion about Intelligent Buildings

10.09.2018 -

Increasing requirements coupled with decreasing budgets are a main dilemma security officers and building managers are facing today.