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Pierre Racz Part 2: "Working on IA not on AI!"

12.09.2023 -

In part two of this three-part interview series with Pierre Racz, President of Genetec, he is telling us about how they are matching machine learning and the human factor...


Video analytics in perimeter protection: Classical motion detection or AI-based object classification?

01.09.2023 -

How to balance the strengths and weaknesses of both methods for effective perimeter protection.


Leo Levit: "Standards Such as Onvif will Only Continue to Grow in Relevance"

11.08.2023 -

Leo Levit, Chairman of the Onvif Steering Committee, talks about standards and the relevance of video analytics. For our 20 year jubilee, GIT SECURITY has asked leaders...


Viisights: Wise 3.0 Next Generation of Behavioral Recognition Video Analytics

viisights -

Viisights announces the release of Wise 3.0, ushering in the next generation of advanced proactive and preemptive analytics for professional security, safety and business...


Protecting Solar Power Plants Next to Residential Settings

30.05.2023 -

MVM Group had 14 high-security risk photovoltaic power plants that needed to be protected in high-residential areas while protecting the privacy of neighbouring residents...


Preview: GIT System Test Video Analytics & Perimeter Protection 2023

04.04.2023 -

GIT System Test Video Analytics (GSTVA) will be back in 2023. The new GIT System Test Perimeter Protection (GSTPP) test series expands the scope of testing.


Viisights Joins Hewlett Packard Enterprise

20.02.2023 -

Viisights’ AI-driven video analytics approved for partner product integration with HPE GreenLake platform.


Dual Sensor Video Analytics

04.01.2023 -

Dual Sensor Analytics (DSA) is an innovative video analytic capability developed by Sightlogix to improve intruder detection reliability for smart cameras used outdoors...