Security for Energy and Utility Companies

  • Bernhard Kempf, BoschBernhard Kempf, Bosch
  • Bernhard Kempf, Bosch
  • Norbert Seitz
  • Ulrich Hoischen, DMT
  • Bernhard Kempf and Thomas Spitz, Bosch
  • Stephan Schwenker, RWE Power
  • Thomas A. Knauel, Bosch
  • Bastian Nagel
  • Christoph Ickler

"The innovation is in the configuration", according to Bernhard Kempf, Head of Sales, Building Security at Bosch and, in the opinion of many security experts, he hit the nail squarely on the head. Really effective industry-specific security systems have ever shorter innovation cycles. Bernhard Kempf welcomed 150 international security specialists from the energy sector to an ‘Energy Summit‘ at the offices of Bosch in Berlin in November.

Norbert Seitz from the Interior Ministry was exciting, reporting on how crisis and risk management and civil defense scenarios are made at federal and state level. Even Seitz didn‘t have an answer to the question of "Who is wearing the hat when the power fails?" - federal administration, the affected state or a government agency? It was posed by a man from E.ON, and GIT SECURITY will keep on it, to get at least some way toward a solution.

Ulrich Hoischen of DMT reported on comprehensive energy supply installation protection concepts and standards-conform implementation. Stephan Schwenker of RWE Power AG explained about their fire protection organization. Thomas A. Knauel revealed the many fire protection visions that Bosch Security Systems have: New sensor technologies and uninterruptable transducers.

Hot Discussion on Warm Images
Students Christoph Ickler and Bastian Nagel gave an insight into using heat-sensitive cameras for intruder and fire detection, and initiated a lively discussion amongst the security professionals.

The next day, Marco Paschen of Vattenfall and Andreas Ernst of Bosch reported on efficient access control in high-security areas, Dr. Jörg Kelleter, GTE Industrieelektronik presented ‘Special Sensor Technology for Power Stations' and Christian Otter of E.ON Kernkraft explained the Unterweser Atomic Power Station project. Dr. Henrik Hoff of AP Sensing then described fiber optic temperature measurement to improve operational safety.

Jörg Wießner, initiator Lothar Marth, Thomas Spitz and Dr. Michael Höynck from Bosch closed with the use of iPads, iPhones & Co. in security technology, in protecting large property objects and decentralized compounds, the UGM2040 universal danger alerting system and finally on future multi-sensor security system concepts.

It is understood that it is intended to hold the event again regularly, perhaps also for other industries.

GIT SECURITY and will report in more detail in the coming months with specialist articles and interviews on the results of the Bosch EVU forum.



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