Solution Safeguards Residents at the Prestigious Spring Mews Development

  • Solution Safeguards Residents at the Prestigious Spring Mews DevelopmentSolution Safeguards Residents at the Prestigious Spring Mews Development
  • Solution Safeguards Residents at the Prestigious Spring Mews Development
  • The eFusion platform controls video surveillance, intrusion detection and access control

Spring Mews is an upmarket 400-bedroom student residence and 93-bedroom hotel. To integrate advanced keyless access control, surveillance and intruder detection onto a single platform the developer, CLS Holdings, chose the Maxxess eFusion security management platform to run separate surveillance, intruder detection, and access control for the student residence and hotel while optimising functionality at a much lower  cost than a conventional physical security information management (PSIM) solution.

Maximum Flexibility
As a modular system built on open technology software, eFusion has delivered maximum flexibility with one common situational view via a user-friendly interface, off-the-shelf integration, unlimited functionality and  future expandability with the freedom to use best-in-class equipment from different manufacturers. These include: Salto Aelement access control across 640 readers; Honeywell Galaxy intruder detection; 256 Axis IP full-HD cameras; and a Wavestore video surveillance recording platform.

This set-up combined with simple, intuitive programming has made it easy for the building managers to manage individual room access privileges, arrange instant room moves, extend stays, cancel cards, enable  remote-door opening, activate meeting rooms, identify low batteries and much more. They can also gather real-time audit trail data from every door, programme multiple camera views, settings and protocols and allow  smartphones to be used as room keys via near-field communications.

As a result, Maxxess eFusion provides unified security and access control for hundreds of students and hotel guests, giving them the peace of mind that their safety is assured 24/7, while enjoying the convenience of keyless access throughout the building. At the same time CLS Holdings plc benefits from remote management across the entire site from a central location, low operating and maintenance costs, powerful reporting to enable regulatory compliance and a future-proof solution with easy upgrade paths.

Safe an Welcoming
David Towse, Project Manager at CLS Holdings plc said: "Spring Mews provides high quality accommodation where a safe, welcoming environment for our students and guests is of paramount importance.

The Maxxess eFusion solution has provided all the functionality and flexibility we needed to cost-effectively manage, control and secure our properties to a high quality standard. We are extremely pleased."

Lee Copland, Maxxess Managing Director, EMEA, said: "eFusion delivers all the required functionality at a lower cost of ownership than with a conventional physical security information management solution, by combining a mix of equipment, features and functionality over the
IP network. Additionally, simple transparent pricing structures and no annual license charges ensure that operating overheads at Spring Mews are minimised with no unexpected costs or recurring integration fees."

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