May. 01, 2008

Deister Electronic: true long range identification

Deister Electronic: true long range identification. Deister AVI introduces a new range of RFID reader products and transponders at Security in Essen. These products cover a wide range of applications as parking, airports and access control. For the Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI) market, Deister Electronic continued the evolution of their RFID expertise and developed a specialized product range which resulted in long-range RFID reader products. Besides the conventional active technology with battery based transponders also products using the latest passive UHF technology with passive transponders are supported.

Access Control Applications from a Pioneer in RFID

Coming from Supply Chain Management applications, Deister Electronic succeeded to adjust this low cost technology to meet the special AVI market demands. According to Roel Coumans, the new division manager of deister AVI, the AVI product range now covers both long-range RFID readers and transponders.

To extend the reading distance of common access control badges, card holding boosters are available enabling the client to use existing badges for AVI long range parking applications. In addition a full product line of accessories is offered to complete the system solution required such as reader controllers, mounting equipment, extra antennas and customized reader covers.

From the time that RFID was introduced in the security business during the Eighties, Deister Electronic was one of the pioneering companies who developed and manufactured RFID proximity readers, tags and badges for access control security systems. From that moment until now, Deister never stopped improving RFID products for secure access control applications.

As today Deister delivers many high secure RFID products such as smart card and biometric readers and much of our security expertise is implemented in the new long-range RFID products for AVI.

Expanding the Scope of Application

Due to their open interface the long-range RFID readers can be used to expand existing access control systems for AVI.

In this case tags can be delivered solely for vehicle access control but also as dual technology badges supporting both AVI and physical access control to buildings and offices.

These dual technology badges support well know RFID technologies such as standard proximity, Mifare and Legic. Also the UHF Card Booster can be used to increase the reading range for AVI applications using badges for physical access control.

The long-range RFID products of Deister Electronic allow to combine physical access control with long range AVI applications in a high secure way. Access control to gated communities, city centres sealed off with bollards, airports or port areas are just some examples of typical applications where theser products could offer a solution.

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