Mar. 17, 2017

In Motion Identification: Seamless and Secure Access

FST Biometrics Secures Singapore Telecomm

  • FST Biometrics Secures Singapore TelecommFST Biometrics Secures Singapore Telecomm

Security that is convenient, cost effective and does not hamper operational efficiency can be a challenge for any business, particularly large corporations. Many companies face this issue.

Singapore Telecomm (SingTel), a current FST customer, was looking for a seamless secure access solution that would:

  • Accommodate the entry of 800+ people a day seamlessly, including many guests
  • Identify people with 100% accuracy
  • Improve operational efficiency

After a few months using FST's solution, SingTel’s Director of Digital Experience & Design, Mr. Niek Van Veen, said, “We have found in Imid from FST, the solution we were looking for. A highly secured way to enter that is also convenient and seamless.”

GDL decided, as part of its renovation, to introduce a totally new concept in their access control system of choice. They wanted to do away with access cards and codes and create an access experience that was in line with its futuristic corporate vision. Acclimating some 600 employees and another 200 or so other authorized visitors to a completely new way of entering the offices was a key objective for Moshe Ashkenazi, Founder & CEO of Add-On APAC Innovative Solutions, FST's sole distributor in Singapore and the surrounding region, and integrator on this project.

SingTel has installed FST Biometrics' Imid Access (In Motion Identification) solution in the GDL offices at its Singapore headquarters to allow secure and seamless identification to its 600+ employees. There are six access points and two enrolment stations - one in the Security Office and the other one inside the office itself. Both stations are used to enroll SingTel employees and contractors that are working from this office for short periods of time alongside the permanent residents of the office.
SingTel wanted to integrate the Imid software with home grown visitor management software to include QR code capabilities. With the support of Add-On’s team an integration was created allowing visitors to register by scanning their name cards into a kiosk station that will push out a QR code to their mobile device to allow digital access.

To help transition staff smoothly to the new system, Add- On’s team spent time before the installation explaining the new system and giving presentations on the enrollment process to make it simple and unintimidating. The enrollment went quick and easy - employees simply looked into the camera to have their photos and personal information logged into the system in a process that took no more than 30 seconds per person.

The installation was done expediently and aesthetically, and is up and running efficiently for more than six months now. Users adapted quickly to the new access system and no longer have to reach for a card or key to enter! User-friendly and welcoming, SingTel and Add-On also created an integration to display a welcome greet to every person entering through the main access point!
Mr. Niek Van Veen, SingTel’s Director of Digital Experience & Design was the person leading the project to create a new innovative office experience. “We have found in Imid from FSTBM the solution we were looking for. A highly secured way to enter that is also convenient and seamless. The project execution by the Asian distributor, Add-On APAC Innovative Solutions, was flawless and extremely professional. We are getting very positive reaction from users and management and people got completely used to the system already”.
Mr. Zeevi Farkash, Founder and CEO of FST Biometrics, adds "We are very proud to work with SingTel. They are a worldwide leader in innovation. Installing our In Motion Identification solution to support their new approach to Security with Convenience is a great endorsement of the innovative access solutions we bring to market."


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