Mar. 13, 2019

Off the Record with Christina Duffey

2019 ASIS International President, SVP/Regional Director of Midwest Operations at SOS Security

  • Christina Duffey gave some interesting insights in GIT SECURITY's seriesChristina Duffey gave some interesting insights in GIT SECURITY's series

Get to know inspirational characters of the Security Industry in GIT SECURITY’s series.

Name: Christina Duffey, CPP
Position, Company: 2019 ASIS International President,  SVP/Regional Director of Midwest Operations at SOS Security
Hometown:  Phoenix, Arizona
Favourite homemade dish: Pepperoni Pizza Pasta

1. Right now: I am grateful.

2. I can never resist: Sunshine. It has a way of literally brightening a day and warming the soul.

3. My biggest motivation is: My son.

4. At 7 o’clock in the morning: I have already started my day.

5. Three characters I would like to have dinner with are: Stephen Hawking, Ernest Hemingway and my deceased Dad.

6. Three things that I am most grateful for in life are: Health, family and development opportunities.

7. The best decision in my career so far is: Staying positive and always trying to make things better.

8. The best compliment anyone has ever given to me is: That I am the best mother.

9. I am entering the wrestling arena and while the crowd is calling out my wrestling name: “Foxxy Pandora!”, I can hear the song: “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys playing!

10. At the most horrible job I ever had I: Was able to remain positive and kept my ethics and dignity. I believe that in any circumstance, it is important to rise above the fray, keep focused on bigger goals, and learn from each experience, good or bad.

11. The language I would most like to speak is: Latin, since it has been said that 60 percent of English has Latin roots. And, if I spoke Latin, it would be much easier for me to pretend to speak French.

12. The biggest challenge in my industry at the moment is:
Mentoring the new generation. We really have an opportunity with a new generation joining the security industry, and I believe our future lies with us to mentor and share our experience so that they can make what may seem impossible today, possible in the future.


ASIS International
1625 Prince Street
22314-2882 Alexandria, Virginia

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