May. 08, 2014

Video Surveillance: Certified Image Quality

  • Uniview Is the First Asian Manufacturer that  Gained a UL 2802 CertificateUniview Is the First Asian Manufacturer that Gained a UL 2802 Certificate

Chinese IP video surveillance manufacturer Uniview is amongst the first companies worldwide that gained UL2802 certificate and the first manufacturer in the Asian-Pacific region.

UL2802 was published in Oct. 2013 for testing cameras' performances, including resolution, grey level, dynamic range, sensitivity, distortion, maximum frame rate, relative illumination, veiling glare and bad pixel count. It provides a more direct and more accurate standard which facilitates to identify cameras' qualities.

Uniview entered the video surveillance market in 2006 and has developed a whole series of products. Till now, it is one of Top 3 manufacturers in China‘s CCTV industry with more than 500 IP cameras. Uniview is always active in supporting international standards and promoting product quality. On 20th December, 2013, Uniview gained UL2802 for their camera models HIC5421DE and HIC5401DE. These two cameras received rigorous tests in a professional laboratory and were confirmed to have the industry-leading performances, especially in WDR and low illumination. By using DRC algorithm and highlighting mode, these two cameras got 100 in WDR and 98 in relative illumination. In other aspects, for example, in grey level, bad pixel count veiling glare and sensitivity, HIC5421DE and HIC5401DE also have excellent performances.

High Quality Ensured by Unique ­Technologies
By strictly selecting each piece of sensor, Uniview ensures the highest sensitivity and the lowest bad pixel count. To dig out sensor's maximum ability, each IP camera is equipped with algorithms to enhance low illumination and high resolution. Uniview IP cameras can provide a sharp image with accuracy in color reproduction and resolution even under harsh lighting conditions.

By high frame rate, Uniview's cameras have a better-performing WDR effect and more detailed image can be delivered even under great lighting contrast. Besides, the up-to-date environmental adaption algorithm enables the cameras to present clearer images. Using an advanced lens correction, Uniview balanced the light in the whole screen and the cameras are perfectly combined with appropiate lenses.

With the scene-adaptive intelligent control, the IP cameras can automatically switch into the mode most suitable for time and illumination, for example, indoor mode, general mode, plate number mode, etc.

This technology ensures the cameras' best performance at anytime under various conditions and environments.


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