Feb. 06, 2018

Channel Encoder by IndigoVision

  • IndigoVision's new BX130 8/16 Channel EncoderIndigoVision's new BX130 8/16 Channel Encoder

Check out IndigoVision's soon to be released BX130 8/16 Channel Encoder.
All IndigoVision Encoders offer the flexibility to gradually migrate to IP camera by camera or to complement a completely new IP system; prolonging the life of your existing analog investment. The BX130 Encoder, available in 8 or 16 Channel options, is no exception and it will save you both space and money! With up to 16 channels available in a single 1U device, the new BX130 Encoder enables you to maximize the space you have giving you more channels than ever before in the process. With channel price savings of up to 66%, the new BX130 Encoder knows how to save you money, dramatically reducing your total cost when migrating from analog to IP.

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