Jan. 24, 2011

Intersec 2011: Fire Protection Certified

And: International Meeting On Smoke Detectors

Fire protection at Intersec 2011 in Dubai - Jens Rittmeyer from detectomat about latest news. Please scroll down!

Additional news about detectomat:
International informative meeting on smoke detectors: 07th of April in Ahrensburg (Hamburg), Germany

In Germany alone, approximately 200,000 fires are reported 600 victims of fire per year and 6, 000 burnt victims with long-term damage are to complain due to domestic fires. The amount of loss of a fire damage in the private run up to more than one billion EUR. More and more countries are thinking about regulating the use of smoke detectors. Help to save lives ! Stand up for the use of smoke detectors. Lectures of external and internal speakers on the following topics will be expected.

Case Study: Germany - What has to happen that politicians are responding to the recommendation of fire brigades to use smoke detectors? In ten Federal States there is an obligation existing, to use smoke detectors. Is this requirement necessary - or is the appeal to the "responsible citizen" already sufficient? In some Federal States, the transition period for the mandatory use is already expired. Does this guarantee, that every apartment has to be equipped with smoke detectors ? How will this be controlled?

Case Study: UK - What features are there? There is a rate to equip of 75 % - what is the role of the fire brigade? Is the use of such concept also possible in different countries?

Case Study: France - The first steps to the mandatory use of smoke detectors run through French legislation momentarily. What questions occurred already and will occur this regarding? Will there also be a comprehensive civil protection?

Products - What requirements for the product itself are reflected on the international market? This will be demonstrated by the latest product of detectomat - the detector HDV (R) sensys.

Standards and Legislation - On the basis of standards and legislation, we provide an overview of the direction, which might be the development in your country for the use of smoke detectors.

Marketing and Experiences - How can targeted marketing campaigns support the pull of the market?

Information about the meeting itself: This meeting will be performed in English only.

The meeting is open to all interested parties on the subject of smoke detectors: whether to experts in the field of fire detection system technology, builders,planners, firefighters, chimney sweeper, representatives of the housing industry, insurance companies and representatives of government and politics.


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