The 2015 Vanderbilt European Security Barometer

  • 2015 Vanderbilt European Security Barometer2015 Vanderbilt European Security Barometer

Vanderbilt has introduced at IFSEC 2015 the 2015 Vanderbilt European Security Barometer, which tests the climate of the electronic security market in Europe.

The results provide valuable insight into consumer and business attitudes towards security, and reveal the efforts they make to keep their homes and businesses safe from harm. We also gained an indication of where electronic security technology itself could be heading by questioning consumers and businesses on the solutions that they are interested in for the future.
The research was amongst more than 7,500 consumers and businesses in Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain and Sweden. The survey builds on research that Security Products from Siemens itself undertook a few years back. Vanderbilt having acquired Security Products from Siemens in June 2015, hopes to repeat the survey in the future with the view that the barometer becomes a regular event and allows us to track trends in the industry.


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