Know-How in Safety Part 2: Risk Assessment

Machinery Safety Risk Assessment

21.02.2020 -

In part two of our series 'Know-How in Safety', the Director Competence Center Service at Phoenix Contact, Thorsten Gast, explains comprehensively what risk assessment is all about.

The topic of safety of machinery, also known as “safety”, addresses the protection of people against machines. Specifically, against potential hazards posed by the operation of machines. The requirements for a machinery safety risk assessment are described in the EC Machinery Directive. According to the directive, a risk assessment begins with the design of the machine. Manufacturers have an obligation to consider both further findings gained during manufacturing and field information from past projects.

Torsten Gast gives insights on that topic in this whitepaper and on:

Autor: Torsten Gast, Director Competence Center Service at Phoenix Contact



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