Access Control with No End at Security Essen 2016

04.10.2016 - Nedap knows that risks change, new security requirements are introduced, but business continuity must never be put at risk. Thats why their security platform Aeos is designed to mi...

Nedap knows that risks change, new security requirements are introduced, but business continuity must never be put at risk. That's why their security platform Aeos is designed to minimise risks and ensure a state of-the art system that secures a long-term investment.

Use the power of a truly open platform
It is in our DNA to offer open solutions. That’s why Nedap allows you to integrate hardware and software systems of your own choice in Aeos and preserve previous investments. At their booth at Security Essen 2016, Nedap showcased live integrations with Aeos software and Kaba hardware. They are also the co-founder of Open Security Standard (OSS) Association, together with for example Assa Abloy, Uhlman&Zacher, DormaKaba and Deister.

Jeroen Harmsen, Technology Partner Manager at Nedap Security Management said: “The standardization allows customers to use the electronic offline locking solution of their own choice in Aeos. This is user friendly for those who have to manage the authorisations and convenient for the card user.”

Last June, Nedap entered a strategic partnership with Milestone. By means of this partnership, Nedap commits to a deep integration between the Milestone XProtect VMS and Aeos Access Control from Nedap, as well as a close cooperation in their mutual goal markets. “Integrated solutions based on true open platform technology are a very important focus area for us, and the value they bring to our mutual customers. This value is more than the sum of the parts, the integration in itself provides added value. The days of proprietary solutions are gone, today interoperability and community focus is the key to success ” says Thomas Lausten, Vice President of EMEA at Milestone Systems. “Initiatives like this is a clear benefit to our ever growing partner community, as the community gains new possibilities for delivering quality solutions based on true open platform technology.”

Protect your access control system-Aeos end-to-end security Nedap responds to the widespread risk of digital attacks on access control systems and is the first to offer digital protection for its access control Aeos. Albert Dercksen, Head of R&D at Nedap, explains why Aeos end-to-end security is needed: “IT and physical security have been following different rules to protect systems. But modern access control systems are, in fact, IT systems connected to corporate networks and should be treated as such.” Taking a forward-thinking new approach, Nedap and its Technology Partner AET Europe combined the best practices of both IT and physical security – resulting in Aeos end-to-end security.

See the added value of their Channel partners
Customers who choose for Aeos choose for complete freedom of choice in third party products and solutions. They benefit not only from their developments, but also from that of their Channel Partners. Thanks to the open nature of Aeos, Nedap's Channel Partners can offer their own solutions based on Aeos. Alliance Partner nTp, for example, uses Aeos as the basis of their security solutions, while offering industry specific functionality such as workflow and dangerous goods control.


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