blueSmart Enables Intelligent Access Organisation

15.07.2011 - A new technology combines convenient management of complex building structures with a subtle, contemporary design: blueSmart is the name of the latest generation of electronic acce...

A new technology combines convenient management of complex building structures with a subtle, contemporary design: blueSmart is the name of the latest generation of electronic access organisation from Winkhaus.

The intelligent system combines the benefits of offline solutions with the features of online solutions. It also increases the efficiency of electronic locking systems and helps support profitable building operation.

Fully electronic locking systems have not only established themselves in dynamic organisations or in buildings where users frequently change. If workers come and go, departments grow or move locations and rooms are used in different ways, these systems enable problem-free organisation of the locking rights by reprogramming the cylinders and keys. Particularly if someone loses a key, that specific key can be disabled almost immediately in the cylinders.
With mechanical systems, extensive replacement purchases are often required in such a scenario. Losing a general master key is particularly problematic with these systems, as extensive security measures must be implemented to minimize the risk of abuse resulting from the loss of the key until replacement cylinders can be purchased.

Innovative Technology
Maximum comfort and extremely high flexibility for the user are the focus of the new blueSmart electronic access organisation. One unique feature is the combination of an electronic locking system and a passive key, which communicates data via a virtual network and enables "viral" command distribution. blueSmart is controlled centrally via the Winkhaus software blueControl. The organisational structures of sites (buildings) and workers (departments) can be used directly for authorisation via segments and groups.

The system enables rapid, wireless transmission of information between the electronic cylinders. blueSmart can also be incorporated into existing systems such as central building control systems, time recording or alarm and energy management. With these benefits, it fulfils the increasing requirements for ease of use and cost efficiency. The new Winkhaus system blueSmart is characterized by a new, modern key design and a whole host of additional functions.

Data Exchange at Record Speed
blueSmart works with a virtual network in the building. This takes place offline and wirelessly between the installed electronic components, which communicate with each other, process information and pass it on. In contrast to conventional networks, there are no complicated cables, large numbers of converters or wireless links that are prone to failure.

The information is transmitted by the blueSmart key. The key made from high-quality plastic, is watertight (IP 68) and maintenance-free. The battery-free identification device comes fitted with an innovative, intelligent chip. This high-performance chip saves both programmed information and data read from door components. With the intelligent "viral" command distribution function, disable commands for keys can be sent to a large number of doors at record speeds. A master key, for example, can be disabled quickly as follows: On entering a building, every employee receives the disable command for the master key on their own key via contact with the booking reader. The key now conveys the disable command to all locking cylinders in the building with which it comes into contact. The cylinders then pass on the command to other keys which have not yet received it, ensuring that disable commands spread like an avalanche in just a short time.
This means that disable commands can be updated reliably with a completely new level of comfort and at extremely high speeds without accessing each cylinder individually.

Economic Solution Offers Convenience and Flexibility
The virtual information transmission means that blueSmart removes the need for the manual programming of offline door components almost completely. Administrators and users of locking systems benefit from the comfort of an online system, without compromising on the benefits of offline solutions.
blueSmart cylinders have the same dimensions as mechanical cylinders, so extensive renovation work is not required on the doors when replacing the existing cylinders with blueSmart. blueSmart can offer locking systems with up to 195,000 cylinders or keys. blueSmart systems are also quick and easy to install; only the booking reader has to be networked in the conventional way.

The extended battery service life guarantees reliable, long-term electronic operation. This also means that the maintenance requirements for the system are extremely low. The cylinders' event log is significantly larger than with previous systems. In the event of a robbery, for example, the last 2,000 locking events can be called up with their date and time.

User-friendly Multi-talent
An electronic locking system pays for itself in no time, particularly if additional functions are used. The wide variety of features offered by blueSmart include an extensive range of functions: The technology handles access control and the use of building automation, logs movements and bills for user-related services in sites with different sizes and uses.

Easy hardware handling and the user-friendly software make the system easier to use. Organisational changes can be instantly programmed into the central computer. Lost keys can be disabled at any time and new utilisation concepts can be implemented quickly. Access authorisations can be restricted with respect to time and access can also be tracked later where required using the electronic log. The software developed by Winkhaus reliably controls the system.


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