Bosch Building Technologies invests in Israeli AI start-up AnyVision

AnyVision offers person and object recognition software based on artificial intelligence

20.06.2018 - Bosch Building Technologies division is partnering with AnyVision Interactive Technologies Ltd. and is acquiring a 9 percent stake in the Israeli AI-based person and object recogni...

Bosch Building Technologies division is partnering with AnyVision Interactive Technologies Ltd. and is acquiring a 9 percent stake in the Israeli AI-based person and object recognition start-up. It has been agreed that the purchase price will not be disclosed. The agreement signed on June 18, 2018, provides both for the acquisition of a stake by Bosch and a sales and technology partnership.

“In the market for IP video surveillance, one of the main USPs of Bosch Building Technologies is Intelligent Video Analytics, which allows video data to be interpreted quickly and simply. AnyVision’s innovative technology, which makes it possible to identify persons and objects from various angles, will be a significant addition to the portfolio of solutions we already offer as a result of IP partnerships in this area,” says Bernhard Schuster, whose responsibilities within the executive management of Bosch Building Technologies include marketing and sales, as well as the global Security and Safety Systems business.

“This three-part agreement is an important step in our mission to shape the future of AI, and we are proud to have the Bosch Building Technologies division as our partner as we aim to create a safer and better tomorrow,” says Eylon Etshtein, the AnyVision co-founder and CEO. Software based on artificial intelligence Set up in 2015 and headquartered in Tel Aviv, AnyVision currently employs 100 associates globally, and is a leading provider of self-learning, AI-based person and object recognition software. Unlike conventional solutions in this field, AnyVision’s software is a plug and play solution for new and existing systems that overcomes challenges such as occlusions, different angles of view, and poor light conditions. Among other things, it can be used to find and identify missing or wanted objects or persons in large crowds, to support the work of authorities such as the police, and to optimize processes. Use cases can also be found in locations such as hotels, casinos, airports, sports venues, and retail outlets, where the technology is used to identify VIPs and enhance customer experience with special offers, services, and seamless access.

It is an essential part of AnyVision's mission to allow the general public to enjoy the benefits of AI without compromising their privacy. “That is why we made absolutely sure that the solutions are compliant with strict privacy regulations, including the GDPR. Furthermore, as our software uses a comprehensive set of mathematical vectors to represent persons or objects, identification is possible anonymously, without recording or storing images,” Etshtein says. Video security customers want integrated packages. As part of the agreed sales partnership, video security solutions offered by Bosch
in the future will include the AnyVision software as an option.

“Our customers around the world are increasingly asking for ways of integrating person and object recognition software into our video security systems. Collaboration with AnyVision will allow us to fulfill this customer wish even better and offer an enhanced package of solutions,” Schuster says. Over the medium term, the two companies aim to work together to add further features to this technical solution. For this purpose, the agreement they have signed also includes a technology partnership.


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